National Pet Vax Mobile Animal Hospital

National Pet Vax Mobile Animal Hospital

National Pet Vax is fully licensed by the State of Florida as a Mobile Animal Hospital. All veterinarians employed by National Pet Vax are also fully licensed by the State of Florida.

Our Mobile Animal Hospitals contain the following:

  • Required emergency equipment
  • Generator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electric Lighting
  • Refrigerator
  • Running Water

The National Pet Vax Mobile Animal Hospital is generally scheduled for one (1) hour at each location. We occasionally will be at a site longer than one hour but, out of consideration for everyone we do our absolute best to stay on schedule.

The typical visit to a National Pet Vax Mobile Animal Hospital begins with paperwork (what does not?). When we arrive our technicians distribute clipboards with blank medical forms to pet owners and they are asked to fill in basic information for themselves and their pets.  A National Pet Vax technician will discuss the following with each client.

dog and cat silouette

  • This pet’s previous vaccination history
  • Any history of vaccine reactions, current medications or medical conditions that may affect the pet receiving vaccines
  • The vaccine, vaccinations and/or medical screening recommended for their pet and the prices of each

Once the paperwork is completed you and your pet will be escorted into our mobile animal hospital and your pet weighed using a walk-on electronic digital scale. Your pet will receive a brief physical examination including their vitals (temperature, pulse and respiration). The veterinarian may make recommendations regarding future medical and/or diagnostic care that your pet may need (just like your regular veterinarian).

Once it is determined that your pet is healthy enough to be vaccinated, your pet will receive the vaccinations and health screening (heartworm testing etc.) that you have approved.  If a heartworm screening is part of your services for the day it will take approximately 10 minutes for the heartworm screening (test) results to be available.

When all vaccinations and health screening (heartworm testing etc.) is completed you will be notified of the results and asked if your pet needs any heartworm preventative and or flea-control medications.

When payment is complete you will be given a copy of your pet’s official medical record. PLEASE KEEP THIS MEDICAL RECORD, it is your official medical record or your pet’s vaccinations and/or heartworm screening. If you need to purchase additional heartworm preventative before your next heartworm screening (test) you will need to bring this medical record with you.

National Pet Vax Mobile Animal Hospital visits various locations around the Tampa bay area. Check our schedule for a convenient location near you.