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National Pet Vax provides a wide range of services to our pet owning community. Most annual routine pet health care and health screening (blood work) can be accomplished in one of our mobile animal hospitals. Heartworm Preventatives, Flea control Medications and Deworming Medications are also offered. All services and products are available at very affordable prices, far less than traditional veterinary hospitals.

Pet Vaccinations


We provide puppy and kitten vaccinations every 3 to 4-weeks. Adult pet vaccinations are scheduled every 12-month, 24-month and/or 36-months depending upon the vaccine manufacturer recommendations.

The safety and quality of all pet vaccines is not the same. Most vaccines prevent the disease that they are labeled for. However, some vaccines are very reactive (i.e. have the potential to cause a vaccine reaction in pets). Other vaccines are much safer and less reactive. National Pet Vax uses Pfizer Pet Vaccines (from Pfizer Animal Health). These vaccines are recognized by the veterinary community as being some of the safest and least reactive vaccines available in veterinary medicine. Packages & Pricing

Pet vaccination protocols i.e. types of pet vaccinations, frequency of pet vaccinations, pet vaccinations not recommended for the average pet and vaccinations NOT recommended are contained within the following pet vaccination guidelines.

Canine (Dog): American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccine Guidelines 

Feline (Cat): American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Feline Vaccine Advisory Panel Report 

You can be assured that National Pet Vax vaccination recommendations for your pet are based upon, industry standard, current pet vaccination protocols. Immunizations & Vaccine FAQ’s

Pet Heartworm Preventative

Most pet heartworm preventatives are very effective at preventing heartworms. Current recommendations for pet heartworm preventatives may change over time because.

    • The current price of the heartworm preventative.
    • The flea control medications contained within the heartworm preventative (fleas can develop resistance to a medication).
    •  New pet heartworm preventative medications or combo-meds (heartworm + flea control) introduced.

National Pet Vax veterinarians will always recommend what we feel is the best heartworm preventative for your pet.

Pet Flea Control Medications

Many pet flea control medications are also very effective at killing adult fleas and/or stopping the development of flea eggs. However, the effectiveness of flea control products change over time as the flea population develops resistance to them. National Pet Vax recommendations may also change over time with the introduction of new products.

National pet Vax veterinarians will always recommend what we feel is the best flea control medication for your pet.

Pet Health Screening (blood work)

Basic annual pet health screening (blood work) is one of the best ways to detect underlying disease in your pet. In a national study, conducted by ANTECH Laboratories, clinically significant disease was found in 20% (Canines) and 17% (Felines) of apparently healthy pets. Annual Health Screening (blood work) can help detect signs of an emerging health problem.

National Pet Vax uses ANTECH Diagnostics, one of the largest national Pet reference laboratories for pet health screenings. This laboratory is used by most primary-care veterinary hospitals as well as most veterinary specialist referral centers so you can be assured that the results you receive are accurate and reliable and should be accepted by almost any quality animal hospital is the USA.

Fecal (stool) Screening

Fecal (stool) screening is accomplished by the same pet reference laboratory mentioned above and results should be equally accurate and reliable.

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National Pet Vax continually strives to bring you the absolute best services and products at the absolute best prices.

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