Statistics indicate that missing pets without microchips rarely make it home

One in three pets will become lost at some point during their life



  • Only about 22% of dogs that enter an animal shelter are returned to their owners
  • The return rate for microchipped dogs was over 52%*


  • About 2% of cats that enter an animal shelter are returned to their owners
  • The return rate for microchipped cats was over 38%*

*Only about 58% of the animals’ microchips were registered in a database with their owner’s current contact information.

What can you do to help insure that if your pet becomes lost that they are returned home safely?

tabby cat face

  • Purchase a microchip for your pet at one of National Pet Vac’s vaccination clinics
  • Register it with the pet microchip database of your choice
  • Include your pet’s microchip number with your local pet license registration
  • Keep a copy of your pet’s microchip number in a safe place
  • Whenever your contact information or address changes be sure to update your pets’ microchip registration
  • http://www.petmicrochiplookup.org/ is a pet microchip “look-up” database that can help find in which database your pet is registered

Some Microchip manufacturers charge a fee to register your microchip, others do not. If this fee concerns you check it out before you purchase the microchip. Your pet can only be returned to you if your contact information is available in a publically accessible microchip database, so making sure the registration is completed is extremely important.  Without it the microchip can’t do it’s job.

Microchipping can substantially increase your pets’ chances of being returned home by offering secure, reliable, unique and permanent identification.

If you pet does not have a microchip stop by one of National Pet Vax’s convenient vaccination clinic locations in your area.  Microchipping is quick and easy and can save your pet’s life.

Remember: When you purchase your pet’s microchip, register and keep the microchip registration current.

If you have additional questions regarding microchipping please visit our FAQ page or contact us directly.